why my wife won’t angry me when i wear her panties for fun?

the panties is very comfortable,cool,smooth and sexy.i just want to try how the feeling of wearing panties.



  1. Savage Action
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    Just go to the lingerie department and buy yourself some pretty sexy panties, I suggest ones made from nylon/spandex. You will love the fit and they will accommodate your junk very nicely.!
  2. crazy_ol_hippie_radical
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    go for it , there’s so little to wear in men’s underwear that are smooth and nice feeling , main complaint I’ve heard from women is that the guy stretches them out and then they no longer fit her

  3. Marie
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    Because your big ass stretches them out.

  4. GO FOR IT
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    Don’t wear your wife’s panties. Just go buy your own. It’s ok if you like wearing panties but get your own stash. Ask your wife to take you pantie shopping.

  5. Mimi
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    I would freak out if my husband did that. My underwear belongs to me. If you have to wear some go buy your own in your own size.

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