Would you buy second hand knickers from Ebay?

Ive just seen someone on there selling 5 pairs of used knickers, and there is 1 bid on them!! How gross is that?


  1. Enigmatic J`s Sandie xxx aaahhh
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    How very odd! no I would not.. Gordon Bennett.
  2. wootom
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    That’s one thing I would NEVER purchase used! If I wanted to wear used undies, I’d get myself thrown in jail!

  3. drew177
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    S*** stained panties mmmmmm nice, just goes to show how low people will go to make a few bucks

  4. blondie
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    EWWWWWWWWWWWW. that is discusting :S

  5. Kags
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    No. I wouldn’t waste a penny on a pair of used underwear. That is disgusting.

  6. Jess
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    that’s so gros
    my teacher tells us he buys all his underwear from charity shops… sick

  7. I love youuu
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    why buy used when you can get a new pair

  8. The Hooded Fishmonger
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    I think this question needs abit more explanation- if your a girl buying second hand knickers from ebay to wear thats gross.

    But if your a guy wanting to procure geniune used knickers then that is obviously fine and in no way weird or hard to understand at all. EXCEPT- do you want them to sniff and play with while you mercilessly flog your dolphin in which case yeh thats cool, and I can recommend you some good sellers, or do you want them to wear to secretly indulge your homoerotic fantasies, in which case your a big gay and you should be locked up away from polite society!!

  9. Frodo
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    Leave a bit of man juice in them. Price will flyy high

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